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Can I recall a message in whatsapp. How to delete a message from whatsapp

  1. Removal Instructions
  2. Delete chat in Vatsap on Android
  3. What to do to remove

WhatsApp application developers have made it possible for their users to decide for themselves whether to store correspondence on their devices or delete it. The messenger works by means of mini chats. it dialog boxes which users create among themselves for private conversation.

They can also make group chats by adding them to the contact list of this dialog box. For this purpose, various tools and options of the application itself are used, which allow extending the functionality of the system itself and adding the message management function.

If the question arises how to delete a chat in a vatsap , then you should refer to official instructions which is given by the developers themselves.

Deleting data and the chat itself implies that all information stored by this section software , will only be removed from the media device. Simply put, you can only delete chat from your device.

The subscriber who corresponded with you will continue to keep your general chat until he deletes it. It is also worth noting that all data on the device are subject to archiving.

It is also worth noting that all data on the device are subject to archiving

This means that at a set period of time, every day the program itself copies the data from the active partitions where changes occurred over the last ducks. This means that even if the chat has been deleted, it can be later restored within 7 days after archiving.

Removal Instructions

How to delete chat in vatsap on mobile platform running, or? There are no problems for users. The procedure is universal for any type of gadgets. All actions are carried out directly in the application.

Delete chat in Vatsap on Android

In order to start the process of deleting a general chat with another subscriber, you must:

  • Go to the appropriate section Chats .
  • Next, you need to click on the desired chat and hold your finger for a few seconds, the highlighted chat will be marked with a check mark.
  • In response, a small menu will appear with a choice of actions for this program or the Basket icon on top.

In response, a small menu will appear with a choice of actions for this program or the Basket icon on top

  • At the end of this application there will be a delete tab. Choosing her mobile app completely remove the chat from the system.

Choosing her   mobile app   completely remove the chat from the system

If you are using group chat, then to remove it you will need administrator rights or the creator of this chat. All that you can do without being the owner of this chat is to leave it, after which the correspondence information will not be available to you.

In the near future whatsapp will appear new feature - recall or edit messages that have not yet been read by your interlocutor. According to the developers, this will allow users to avoid embarrassment if they sent a message without thinking properly about the consequences.

Currently, this innovation is available in beta versions of WhatsApp on Android and iOS and will soon be implemented in stable messenger builds, including on Windows 10 Mobile.

If the message has not yet been read, the user can either delete it or edit it. In the first case, the recipient will see a notification that the message was withdrawn by the sender.

WhatsApp is also testing some more innovations. One of the new features of the messenger will be the ability to track the location of participants in group chats in the event that they have opened access to their geo-location. This function can be used to meet friends and close people, but it is also likely to find less trivial ways to use it - for example, in the dispatch cabs and public transport as free system tracking the location of employees (including with a view to their safety). However, professional use of this function will be prevented by the fact that it will only be possible to share information about your location within five minutes.

Another innovation that soon will probably be added to WhatsApp is to set the photos as the status, which will be automatically deleted in a day. A similar feature was previously implemented in Snapchat and other instant messengers, users of which can send each other messages, photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. In addition, this innovation is similar to the “Stories” section on Instagram, Facebook and VKontakte.

In the spring of 2016, the option to edit sent messages appeared in messenger telegram working on the team of the founder of VKontakte Pavel Durov. In January 2017, the developers added the ability to recall messages to this messenger within 48 hours after sending.

One of the main competitors of WhatsApp, messenger viber , also prepares several innovations. In the near future, the send function will appear in it. text messaging , photos and videos that will be deleted over time. The period during which they will be visible will need to be indicated before shipping. In addition, Viber will share photos and videos with the original resolution. To do this, they need to be sent as regular files - in this case they are not processed and compressed. These innovations are already available in versions of viber for iOS and will soon be implemented on other platforms, including including windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10.

Chat messages can also be deleted at the request of the user. Software developers decide to leave this function , allowing owners of gadgets to decide for themselves how to deal with correspondence and sent media files.

When asking how to delete a sent message in WhatsApp, it should be understood that such actions are carried out in unilaterally . You cannot delete history from another user's gadget.

For example, when participating in a correspondence with one person, you can easily delete both his and his messages from his mobile device. However, another user will still save the correspondence on his device.

Previously, in most old devices, the message deletion feature was supported. Until it is read by the user, this message was stored on an intermediate server. After reading the message passed to the storage to the user.

After reading the message passed to the storage to the user

Since it was necessary to open the incoming letters earlier, the process was read in readings and while the letter was not opened, the user who sent it could delete the sent data irrevocably. Today mobile devices when a message arrives, they immediately register incoming traffic. Therefore, it will be impossible to delete the sent content from another user's device.

What to do to remove

Now it became clear that the question of how to delete a message in a vatsap from an interlocutor is not relevant, due to the fact that the data is from someone else's device. As already written above can not be erased. But the user can freely dispose of information in your device.

In order to remove any message from the chat, you must click on it and hold your finger for a couple of seconds. A small dialog box will appear in response, offering a choice of the following actions :

A small dialog box will appear in response, offering a choice of   the following actions   :

  • reply;
  • forward
  • copy;
  • remove.

Selecting the last item, the right message or the media file will be erased. The same method can select multiple messages. To do this, select each message and click on the trash can icon.

To do this, select each message and click on the trash can icon

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